How To Keep On Top of Your Game Outside of The Shooting Season.

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We join up once again with the youngest of the Team Wild experts- Callum Burns. His informative article looks at the advantages of clay shooting and how it keeps you on top of your shooting come game season.  

For many shooters the end of the game season is a calling to put your guns away, relax for a few months and of course having Saturday’s off. However readers, there has been an increase in the amount of game shooters who turn to clay shooting when the season has finished.

Clay pigeon isn’t as easy as it seems. It can be very challenging for even the most experienced of game shooters. Many game shooters believe that shooting clays keeps them familiar with and refine their gun skills to keep them on top of their game for the following season.


When wing shooting the flight of birds can be unpredictable, whereas clay pigeon shooting is completely the opposite. Clay pigeons really help master your accuracy and Improve your reactions which is vital for keeping you up to speed after the shooting season has ended.

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Lead is another challenging aspect of clay pigeon shooting that is hard to comprehend. I recommend that you go to ‘see the lead’ on the Internet to watch groundbreaking technology that enables the viewer to see the lead needed to break a variety of clays from a shooters camera view. So you never know, get asking around your local community and search online for your local club. So get up and give it a go! You’ll start the next season on the ground running and primed ready for those birds.

The season will come around sooner than you think!

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