Hunting Beceite Ibex in Spain with Deerhunter

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Today on Realtree Global Hunting, we join Team Wild TV Experts Ian Harford and Steve Wild as they travel to sunny Spain on the hunt for Beceite ibex.


Spain offers truly breath-taking scenery that span for miles over the vast mountaintops and lakes. There isn’t many places in the world that offering this type of environment for hunting.


But don’t be deceived, the location maybe beautiful but it still presents very challenging hunting conditions.


Ibex are very illusive animals that seem to have a sixth sense of their surroundings, they might not be able to spot you but they can sense nearby danger. Good job expert guides Fran Cortina and Jose Utrillas from Corju Hunting are on hand to lead the way.


After walking and climbing several miles, Steve gets into a perfect position for a safe shot.


There are many reasons to celebrate the days success as Steve Wild enjoys his birthday, turning 21 all over again!


Steve’s first ibex and on his birthday, a brilliant way to spend the day!

To see the hunt in full watch the video below.

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