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With summer rapidly approaching, it’s that time of year when the pigeons start to hit the freshly sewn crops, and also give the rape fields a bit of a hammering.  We catch up with Leicestershire’s Pigeon Expert, Matt Cole who shares his 10 essential tools when going out Pigeon Decoying. 

1. Poles and Nets

Firstly, you need to build a small comfortable hide so you blend into the surrounding foliage, but at the same time it needs to be big enough to accommodate you and your gear, ensuring you a satisfying and successful shoot.

2. The Bare Essentials

Make sure you take plenty of water to keep hydrated for those hot summer days. Sun cream and a sufficient Realtree Baseball Cap is essential!

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3. Anti-Shine

Flocked decoys and any other equipment such as magnets and flappers need to be Matt finish to prevent any shine. This way the birds will only see minimal reflections.

4. Breathable Clothing

Light weight breathable clothing in Realtree Max4 or Max5 would be perfect on the sutbbles, Realtree Xtra Green will work perfectly in the height of the summer where the surroundings are full and very green.


5. Strong and Durable Bag

A breathable bag to store your retrieved birds is essential if you want to keep the flies away.  It’s also easier to carry back at the end of the shoot.

6. Good Comfortable Chair

A comfortable and practical chair is essential allowing you to rest in-between shooting.

7. Cartridge Magnet

It’s very important to collect all ejected cartridges. A cartridge magnet is a useful piece of equipment as it will save you time.

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8. Documentation

Always carry your licence and insurance, I use BASC but there are many other options available to shooters nowadays. Keep your permission slip from the landowner with you and having a map of the curtilage of the land wouldn’t hurt, remember, “Know your boundaries”.

9. Mobile Phone

Make sure to take your phone and that it is fully charged. Remember to inform family members and friends your plans and where you are going, just in case of an emergency.

10. Man’s Best Friend

Dog’s are always an important part of any shooting trip, particularly decoying as they can pick up any wounded or dead birds. Make sure not to over walk them and have plenty of water ready, give them a good drink after they go out to retrieve.

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To watch Matt shooting pigeons in the UK click here.

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