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Are You Ready For An Epic Hunting Safari Adventure?

Welcome back to K&K Premium Hunting. On today’s episode, we are Game Hunting in South Africa.

K&K Premium Jagd is one of Europe’s leading hunting agencies, and your perfect partner to deliver hunting adventures across the globe.

Passionate about hunting and sustainability, K&K Premium Jagd only work with the very best hunting estates and wild game reserves. Fort Governor’s Estate and the beautiful Eastern Cape is the perfect destination to combine a hunting adventure with a fantastic family holiday. The estate is a paradise for anyone looking for a memorable hunting trip.

The estate is 7000 hectares of hunting heaven and has a massive population of wildlife that roam the vast landscape. Without any predators, hunting is essential to manage game numbers and ensure healthy herds for generations to come.

It’s day three and the hunting party are out early, ready for another busy day in the Bushveld. K&K Hunter Kai-Uwe Kuhl has achieved great success on the trip so far, taking a blue wildebeest with only one horn and a great old blessbuck passed its prime.

With the wind picking up, the animals become a little more skittish than usual. These valleys are home to plenty of game. They move and graze through the thick cover and feel safely hidden.

As the hunting party continue to glass the valley it isn’t long until they come across an old ram amongst a herd of impala and an old kudu bull.

Key to the ethics of any K&K Premium Jagd hunt is taking the old and unfit game from their herds to help the younger, healthy males to come through and repopulate.

Will Kai bag two more amazing animals and add to his already impressive list of game? Watch the video too find out.

To find out more or to book your Fort Governor’s Estate hunting trip of a lifetime visit the website at


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