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Ireland based Team Wild Expert Eamonn Mahoney talks us through the difficulties of acquiring a firearms license in Ireland.

I thought I’d share my story on getting another shotgun licensed in my name. My father has an old semi-auto, a Luigi Franchi Italian made gun. His license will be up for renewal in the next year or two and he has decided that he won’t renew his license, he’s now in his 70’s and doesn’t shoot anymore. So my plan is to take over the license when it comes up for renewal and take full ownership of the gun.

I current shotgun is a Browning Cynergy Sporter Black Ice (under/over) which has served me really well. This is a great gun but I mainly use it for clay shooting and could do with another gun for rough shooting and a semi-auto is ideal. Only today I received an email with new proposals to the Firearm Legislation in Ireland and it is totally shocking. Some of the things being put forward like a proposed total ban on pistols and eventual ban on semi-auto shotguns, which totally surprised me

I also hope to apply for a deer stalking gun/permit/license in the coming months and I am not looking forward to that! I will need all my written permissions which will have to include folio numbers and land registry maps. I will also need visit my gun shop of choice and pick out my gun, put a deposit on it so I can get an official letter from the shop stating the make, model, and serial number.I can then apply for my hunting permit and if or when that returns I can start the process of applying for my actual Gun License. After all this there is still no guarantee that a license will be granted even though I would be permitted to stalk deer based on the application I sent in, in relation to the gun I had put a deposit on!


I know I am!!!

So as I finish writing this I am also filling out all my forms to apply for the new guns I hope to get licensed on. It’s always best practice to do your homework, have everything prepared and have a clear understanding of the process and legislation. I will re-visit this topic at a later date with all if any updates I have.

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