Drueckjagd: Game Hunting In Germany

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Are You Ready For Another Epic Game Hunting Trip in Germany?

We return to the amazing Blumberg Estate in Eastern Germany with our friends from K&K Premium Jagd.

K&K Premium Jagd is one of Europe’s leading hunting agencies and your perfect partner to deliver hunting adventures across the globe.

The beautiful Blumberg estate in Eastern Germany is home to an impressive population of European game.

Blumberg lays within easy reach of Berlin and it’s international airport and is easily reached by road. Just an hour’s drive from the German capital and its magnificent sights, Blumberg offers the tranquility of the countryside, but within easy reach of the bustling city.

Blumberg is ideal for the hunter wishing to experience the history and culture of the German capital as well as traditional hunting.

K&K Premium Jagd Sebastian Blennemann is joined by guest Marcus for another exciting day of game hunting. The estate is thriving with animal activity and it isn’t long until they see plenty of opportunities.

Due to its island location, comprising 1600 hectares of forest, surrounded by thousands of hectares of fields, meadows and wetlands, Blumberg offers an optimal habitat for a variety of wildlife species. There are outstanding trophy quality games throughout the hunting areas, such as roe deer, red deer, fallow deer, wild boar and mouflon.

How will the hunting party get on? watch the full video now to find out.

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