Hunting Common Reedbuck in South Africa

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Are You Ready For A South African Hunting Safari?

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The sun rises on day four of our hunting adventure at the incredible Fort Governor’s Estate in the beautiful Eastern Cape. This is the perfect location for those wishing to combine a hunting adventure with a fantastic family holiday.

Kai-Uwe Kuhl and Barbara Schnieder have had an unforgettable time in South Africa so far. It’s a beautiful day and the animals are on the move.

It isn’t long into the outing when the hunting party come across an old kudu bull, but before Barbara can get ready on her sticks. The grey ghost of Africa makes a run for it.

Later in the day they come across a small herd of red hartebeest, but luck isn’t on their side, as the herd don’t like what they see and make a break for it.

After a long day with plenty of working and several missed opportunities, the hunting party spot a common reedbuck moving across the edge of the woods.

Barbara gets it in her sights…. will she bag her buck? Watch the video to find out…

To find out more or to book your Fort Governor’s Estate hunting trip of a lifetime visit the website at….

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