Driven Pheasant Shooting: A Way Of Life

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Welcome to a Great British Shooting, here we celebrate all that is great about shooting in Britain. From world-renowned driven shoots on prestigious country estates, through to walked up “rough shoots” on farms and smallholdings, we meet some of the incredible characters that bring our shooting days together.

Episode Twelve: As pheasants fly high in the sky over the beautiful Shropshire countryside, we learn why driven pheasant shooting days are a way of life for many outdoor enthusiasts.

Winwoods Farm shoot extends over 2000 acres that incorporates deep grass valleys and stunning mature woodlands.

The pheasant season is more than just in a day of shooting birds, it’s a way of life. It helps bring together groups of like-minded people from all social backgrounds for some high bird shooting.

The atmosphere is upbeat with a light-hearted vibe as everyone involved is out to have a good time. Here, everyone will create memorable moments to share with family and friends. Jokes and laughter are compulsory.

Not only is the day about testing your shooting skills against some challenging birds, it’s about spending time with some old friends, making new ones and having a fun time. Days like these are what Great British Shooting is all about!

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