Gear Guide: What to wear for a winter hunt.

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The cold weather is no longer an excuse, hunters

With the temperature set to drop across much of the UK winter is firmly taking hold. With darker mornings and short days, it’s a testing time for many, especially hunters. Mustering up the motivation to head outdoors for a 5am stalk can therefore be nigh on impossible to achieve in these conditions. It’s time now to zero your rifle because your lack of motivation shouldn’t come into mind if you’re kitted out properly. So, from hand warmers to headwear, here’s your essential winter hunting guide:

The Right Jacket: Deerhunter Muflon Jacket – Long & Standard size

When it comes to hunting in the winter, there are certain factors to take into account. It is imperative that you find a durable jacket that will not only last you for years, but will protect you from any winter elements you may face.

Look no further than the Muflon jacket from Deerhunter. A jacket designed solely for unpredictable weather conditions and one that puts the hunter at the forefront of its design.

Featuring the Deer-Tex® membrane and 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation, the jacket boasts 100% windproof, 100% waterproof, 100% breathability, and has the ability to maintain extra warmth even under damp conditions.

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  • Available in Art Green and Realtree Max-5 as a standard size jacket or long sized jacket.

The essential underwear:

One of the best pieces of advice we can share with our fellow hunters is to wear an under layer underneath your hunting clothing in the winter. Merino wool is considered to be one of the finest and best wools available. The wool has advanced insulating properties as small pockets of air between the fibres maintain an even temperature.

With Merino wool underwear from Deerhunter, you get; maximum freedom of movement, a cooling effect in summer, an insulating effect in the winter, and it does not itch or scratch like so many other types of wool.

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Technologically advanced trousers:

No hunter should ever go hunting without a durable pair of trousers. Your choice of trousers is an essential item that offers protection from the elements.

The Deerhunter Muflon trousers incorporate Thinsulate insulation and Deer-Tex membrane with a 5-year warranty. Featuring detachable braces, reinforced suede detailing and a pre-shaped knee, the Muflon trousers ensure that you’re able to take on the harsh winter weather in confidence.

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Buy Now at Team Wild Outfitters

A good pair of gloves:

Cold hands are something no hunter should have to be subject to, particularly when there’s an incredible range of options available. We recommend a pair of durable gloves with reinforcement material, which offers a firm grip for your rifle. The Deerhunter Muflon gloves have been specifically designed for challenging conditions, and covered in Realtree’s Max-5 camouflage pattern, they prevent from exposure outdoors.

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Buy Now at Team Wild Outfitters

Fleece Jacket:

Made from polyester bonded fleece, this Muflon fleece jacket is available in Wren Green and Realtree Max-5 camouflage. The fleece can be zipped into the Deerhunter Muflon jacket, and can become an additional insulating layer for additional protection when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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Buy Now at Team Wild Outfitters

Thermal Socks:

Deerhunter’s Rusky thermo socks are specially designed to provide high performance and keep hunters warm. Hunters lose most of their body heat through their feet, therefore is it important to insulate your feet while hunting in winter. The Rusky thermo socks are available as 45cm long socks or as 25cm short socks.

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Buy Now at Team Wild Outfitters

Heat-seeking headwear:

Dressing properly in cold weather starts with your head. Deerhunter have designed the Muflon winter hat that has reinforced trimming, an extra neck piece to keep your ears and neck warm, as well as soft lining inside the hat. As an essential for hunting in the cold, the Muflon hat helps to maintain warmth through 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation.

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Buy Now at Team Wild Outfitters

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