Clare Harford Hunting Multi Horned Rams In Argentina

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Team Wild travel to the Cordoba province of Argentina with Ian Coley Sporting and Frontiers Travel, where Clare Harford’s hunting multi-horn rams.

Day 1 –

1 – High up in the mountains of Cordoba, Argentina live the illusive multi horned ram.

2 – Oscar and I began the day by climbing up high on horseback. To be successful we need to be above the vantage point of the herd.

3 – Whilst beautiful. The environment can be harsh and uncompromising. Because of this the herds here must be tough and adaptable, which makes for a challenging hunt.

4 – The weather can change at any point above the clouds. Reaching the top we encounter heavy snow fall. Despite our best efforts, today was not going to our day.

Day 2 –

6 – The weather had eased the next day. My guide Oscar and I made an early start on horseback to try and gain some ground.

7 – The mountainous terrain at Rincon De Luna brings the changing weather, it can change in a heartbeat. This means you have to be prepared, a good layering system will help.

8 – As the sun starts to set. The Rams like to climb the mountains and get as high as possible to bury themselves in the pampas grass.

9 – It was important to get into position quickly if we were to have any hope of harvesting our Ram.

10 – I took up position by using a tree as a rest. My heart started to race.

11 – Finally our Ram was in my sights. Breath and squeeze.

12 – A perfect end to an incredible two-day hunt, our harvest.

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