Hunt with an Edge… Introducing New Realtree EDGE™

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The first Camo that disrupts the Human form and naturally conceals.

Hunting comes with a lot of challenges. Being confident you’re concealed shouldn’t be one of them. Introducing new Realtree EDGE™, the first camo pattern that allows you to blend into your hunting environment at close range, with natural elements arranged in a way to disrupt the human form at a distance.

For over 30 years Realtree patterns have been providing hunters with the edge they need to get as close to their quarry as possible. Now, the next generation of camo is here. The world’s leading camo brand has developed the appropriately called, Realtree EDGE™.

Realtree EDGE™ is the most versatile and innovative camouflage pattern ever created.

With open pockets of light and shadow, the new pattern resembles open areas in a tree canopy, giving the effect of the pattern appearing open and distant. While leaves and branches of varying shades and colours disrupt the outline of hunters. This creates seamless concealment in almost any environment.

Realtree EDGE™ adds another layer of invisibility to camo, no matter where or how you use it. Warm greys and browns combine with shadows to provide cover on both the forest floor and tree canopy.  Therefore, Realtree EDGE™ is equally effective in a high seat or when stalking on the ground.

Check out Realtree’s dedicated consumer website edge.realtree to explore Realtree’s latest camouflage pattern.

See the new Realtree EDGE™ first hand at its 2018 launch at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Jan 23-26, and at IWA in Nuremburg, March 9th-12th.

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