Self-Guided Moose & Caribou Hunting in Alaska: Episode 5 – Moose Season Opens

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Snow covers the nearby mountains as Ian Harford and Steve Wild prepare for the opening of the moose hunting season in Alaska.

  • Day 5 – Moose Season Opens.
  • Self-guided Moose & Caribou Hunting in Alaska: Episode 5.
  • The Essential equipment for self-guided hunting in Alaska.
  • Hunting hunting and trekking for high ground.
  • Spotting Alaskan Moose.
  • Ptarmigan hunting with the Air Arms S510 TDR.
  • Next Week on Self-guided hunting in Alaska.
Welcome to Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska on Team Wild TV.

On the previous episode, Alaskan guide Mark departed for camp, leaving Ian, Steve and cameraman James with the entire valley to themselves. They did spot three bulls yesterday, so they know that there are moose nearby. However, moose hunting season hadn’t begun and there wasn’t a shootable animal amongst them.

Today is a brand new day and with the weather on their side, Ian and Steve head out for another busy day in the wilds of Alaska. Before they begin, Ian and Steve go over the equipment that they will be taking. Only the essential items have been carefully packed in the backpacks. Each piece of gear has been carefully considered before they continue their trip up the valley.

equipment for hunting in alaska

Ian and Steve are hunting new ground today. Not only is it a beautiful walk, but the route also allows them to take advantage of the relatively flat terrain before heading up the plateau. They hope to find an elevated vantage point that will give them a comprehensive view. Continuing to scour the ground ahead, Ian and Steve feel confident that this incredible location will produce the results that they are looking for.

moose hunting in alaska

As usual, patience is the essential ingredient when scanning the tundra. Something will eventually show itself. Having reached the edge of their packing radius, Ian and Steve circle their way back to camp. They take a slightly different route that offers an alternative view of the valley. It’s entirely possible that animals have crossed the valley during the day; Ian and Steve want to make sure all bases have been covered.

Hunting in Alaska episode 5 on team wild tv

Now back at camp, they decided to investigate an abandoned hunting camp further up the airstrip. They gather a few pieces of firewood that will go towards the campfire later in the evening.

As the sun goes down Ian has another opportunity at ptarmigan hunting. He readies the Air Arms S510 TDR and begins scouring the area. Steve is on back up in case a grizzly appears when in the remote wilderness of Alaska you have to be prepared for anything. Unfortunately, Ian is unsuccessful in harvesting any of these birds.

Hunting with the Air Arms S510 TDR

With daylight fading, Ian cooks dinner and Steve builds a farewell campfire. The team enjoy their final night in caribou country.

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