Pheasant and Partridge Shooting at Shakenhurst

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Join Ian Harford at the stunning Shakenhurst Estate in Worcestershire on a driven pheasant and partridge shoot day.

Welcome to Team Wild TV – Driven Pheasant and Partridge Shoot at Shakenhurst:

The Shakenhurst Estate

The stunningly beautiful Shakenhurst shoot in Worcester offers some of the finest game shooting venues in Britain. The Shakenhurst Estate spans over 1,300 acres of land with 300 acres of woodland, offering a variety of terrain from rolling parkland to fields of arable, with plenty of challenges for the high bird specialist. However, if you’re like Ian and you’re just looking for a relaxed day with some good company, then Shakenhurst has a lot to offer.

AyA No.1 De Luxe side by side shotgun

For this particular shoot, Ian is joined by his exceptional AYA No.1 De Luxe side by side shotgun. His ammunition of choice is the Hull Cartridge Imperial Game 12 Gauge 30 grams in shot size 5. These are enough to bring down Ian’s birds but doesn’t pack enough of a punch that leaves you feeling bruised towards the end of the day.

AyA No 1 delux

Variety is key here at Shakenhurst. The first drive offered a classic English partridge drive with open fields, a cover crop and a lovely high bank. The second drive was a complete change of scenery. Classic snap shooting in the heart of the woodland with rolling valleys and dense vegetation and pheasants popping out from every angle. It’s this variety that makes every drive an exciting experience.

Shakenhurst shoot drive

The Unique Challenges Shakenhurst offers

Martin Stretton’s favourite part of the Shakenhurst shoot is the unique challenges faced in each shoot. Going from an open drive to a tight knit woodland offers two very different types of shooting and where Martin felt unsuccessful in his first drive, he thrived in the second due to the instinctive shooting opportunities on offer as he had no time to overthink his shots.

Ian Harford and Martin Stretton

Oliver Rowland has been the head gamekeeper at Shakenhurst for 25 seasons. He has the help of an under-keeper to manage the beaters and pickers up that keep this shoot so well managed. The central location and easy access make this shoot an ideal landmark for local enthusiasts and those looking for a challenge. Although the estate has been closed for quite some time, it attracts a lot of attention, especially after the new estate owners have worked hard putting in improving access to the drives and the drives themselves to bring in a better experience for locals.

Louis Staddon, the owner of Shakenhurst Estate and gives an insight into the running of a shoot day.

“The team of 14-15 beaters would have walked half a mile out to blank the birds into the flushing point. A lot of hard work goes into making a successful shoot, especially with new beaters and keepers to work with. However, the shoot is very much a family affair with a dedicated team of beaters and this season marks the 99th year of syndicate shoots taking place at Shakenhurst.”

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