Partridge and Pheasant Shooting at Hadley Game & Sporting

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Set within the stunning Worcestershire countryside the Hadley Game Shoot is run by Adam Gwillam and his family. This friendly and family orientated shoot play host to some of the finest sporting birds in the UK.

The Hadley Shoot Video:

The Hadley Shoot prides itself on providing an enjoyable, friendly atmosphere for everyone involved, filled with great comradery, hospitality and shooting. Boasting fifteen different pheasant and partridge drives that challenge some of the most seasoned guns.

The hadley game and sporting estate

Amongst this friendly team of guns, Ian Harford has been invited to experience what Hadley has to offer. The conditions are almost perfect for wing shooting with bright sunshine filling the sky and a brisk wind.

After the first drive, Ian has had some lovely partridge flying over, sweeping nicely into the wind. Fast-paced birds continue to fly over throughout the day, creating not only some truly challenging shots but also a great amount of fun.

The Sauer Apollon

Sauer Appollon

During a break in the shooting, Ian discusses his Shotgun choice. For this particular shoot Ian is using the Sauer Apollon over and under shotgun. Normally he opts for his AYA Number One Deluxe, which is perfect for his style of shooting. However, today he is trying something a little different. The Sauer Apollon is towards the more affordable end of Sauer’s extensive catalogue of products, it is a traditional over and under box lock and has been beautifully appointed. Available in both 12 and 20 gauge with 28 and 30-inch barrels.

The Sauer Apollon combined with the Sauer SL5 and Sauer 101 is the perfect three gun combination for any British sportsmen – ideal for deer stalking, pigeon shooting and game shooting.

As the day comes to the end the British weather once again becomes very unpredictable. On the final drive the guns experience, rain, sleet, hailstorms and sunshine. This is the typical weather you can expect from a shooting day.


It has been another fantastic outing, which has been enjoyed by all. Little shoots like this are the lifeblood of the sport in the UK. There is a great balance of shooting from mixed woodland to open farmland, it is a really good place to bring friends and family together for a great day out.

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