Driven Wild Boar Hunting in Germany

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It’s a beautiful morning in Wiesbaden, Germany, Ian Harford and Steve Wild have been invited by their good friend, Frederic Hanner for what should be a magnificent day of driven wild boar hunting.

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Frederic gives the morning briefing, outlining what game can be taken and what must be left.

This is a management hunt that has taken a year of careful planning and it is down to the guns to correctly identify the species, age and gender before taking their shots.

With almost 100 people roaming the forest throughout the hunt, safety is of paramount importance.

Responsible rifle handling must be adopted to at all times and a clear and safe backstop must be present before any shot is taken.

Beaters, dogs and guns wear High-visibility clothing to make them stand out against the forest backdrop to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The quarry for today is roe does and kids, any wild boar other than leading sows, foxes and racoons.

Some roebucks may already have shed their antlers at this time of year and large wild boar sows can be difficult to identify in the heat of the moment. The rule is if in doubt, don’t shoot.

This incredible occasion brings together people from all walks of life, but at its heart is a critical forestry management responsibility, maintaining the delicate balance of nature.

With the morning briefing concluded Steve Wild heads out to his peg, eagerly anticipating a fantastic day of driven wild boar hunting.

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