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Tips to successful ratting.

Team Wild TV experts share a few of their ideas on equipment, techniques and recipes for a successful night’s ratting. It’s been mentioned before that many of Team Wild TV’s experts love to do the jobs that everyone hates. Ratting is one of those Marmite jobs that you either love, or hate and by now you have figured out that we LOVE it. The service carried out by completing pest control jobs help the local farms, and many people all over the UK get to have great fun doing it. So Team Wild has taken the time to go through Read More

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Date: October 7, 2016

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Ian Harford Tests Realtree Max-5

Realtree Max-5 Camouflage Pattern – The most technologically advanced and versatile camouflage pattern ever developed. Realtree has been the world’s leading creator of the most effective hunting Read More

Date: September 24, 2016

Bowhunting Balearic Boc In Majorca

High in the Balearean mountains of Majorca, Ian Harford is on the hunt for one of the most favoured species on the island…Boc! Wearing Read More

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