Water Buffalo Hunting in Argentina With Clare Harford

We return to the beautiful hilltops of Rincon de Luna Lodge in the Cordoba province of Argentina, for another epic hunting adventure. Realtree Global Girl, Clare Harford has her sights set on water buffalo. The day started early as the team headed out before sunrise. This wasn’t going to be an easy hunt, the terrain at Rincon De Luna can be treacherous, offering vast heights and difficult obstacles. Water buffalo are territorial and travel in packs, these animals can be extremely illusive and even aggressive at times. The hunting team had a difficult task ahead, but they were up for Read More

Clare Harford Clare Harford

Date: February 20, 2017

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Driven Partridge Shooting in Cenicientos

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Air Arms Pro Sport

Supreme styling meets world class function It is a widely held opinion, that no airgun in the world combines the degree of mechanical function Read More

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Shooting Geese in South Africa with Matt Cole

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Red Stag Hunting In Argentina With Ian Harford

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Happy New Year From Team Wild TV

Here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year! We wish all our Team Wild fans, experts and partners a very happy New Year. To Read More

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Air Arms HFT500

To win a hunter field target competition, you need a rifle which will produce consistent accuracy right out to 50 metres, in all kinds Read More

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Passing on Family Tradition – Family, Friends and the Outdoors.

Vermin are a nightmare to the gamekeeper or small holding. Anyone who has a few chickens around their garden will be more than aware Read More

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Red Stag Stalking in Sicily – Lucas Micallef

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Hunting Red Stags in Argentina with Clare Harford

Today’s episode of Realtree Girl we return to the Rincon de Luna Lodge in the Cordoba province of Argentina, where Team Wild’s own Clare Read More

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10 Minutes With Rachel Carrie.

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Balearic Boc Hunt in Mallorca With Steve Wild

Realtree Global Hunting returns, following Realtree Pro-Team member, Steve Wilds hunt for the sought after Balearic Boc in the mountains of the beautiful Spanish Read More

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Realtree celebrate 30th anniversary with Realtree Original™

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, advanced camouflage pattern producer Realtree has reintroduced Realtree Original™ to their collection of camouflage patterns. Back by strong Read More

Date: October 14, 2016