Fernando Muñoz

Our Spanish expert Fernando Muñoz was born in Ciudad Real, the Capital of La Mancha in Spain, in a family where hunting is a way of life. Every weekend was spent with his father, brothers and cousins where they were taught that hunting isn’t only about shooting animals, it’s about respecting the environment and wildlife. At the age of 5, Fernando was taken out on his first Monteria with his father. Due to the heavy rain, his mother had dressed him in some rather unusual hunting attire – a wetsuit!. Despite coming home with nothing, Fernando was not deterred and he was out again the following weekend.

Today, Fernando is still living in Spain where every season is a hunting trip. Living in such a huge country with a variety of hunting species, new hunting areas are discovered all the time. With a choice of quarry on his doorstep including; ibex, mouflon, red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, wild boar, aoudad and chamois as well as pigeons, partridges, rabbits, hares and doves Fernando’s experiences continue to evolve. Having also hunted in Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Belgium, France and Poland, Fernando has been fortunate enough to hunt Buffalo, wild boar, dorset sheep and antelopes.

With such a huge amount of experience in the hunting field, Fernando wanted to find a way of making a career out of his hunting and in 2007, Spanish Hunters was established. Offering guided stalking, shooting and hunting holidays for a varied level hunters, Spanish Hunters gives people the perfect opportunity to be taken on hunting adventures that otherwise might not be possible. It also enables Fernando to hunt everyday, sharing his experiences and after hunting such varied quarry, he now has his sights firmly set on hunting mountain ibex in Asia – a hunting trip that we are looking forward to hearing all about.

To find out more about Fernando and Spanish Hunters, please visit: http://www.spanishunters.com/