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Rimfire Rabbits with Team Wild
50 rabbits – 43 clean head shots – A fine haul from two guns!

We’ve just returned home from the 2010 Midland Game Fair, which many think is our time to rest and relax. As it happens, we’re about to embark on our busiest and most frantic period of the year!

Several things happen towards the end of each year. Firstly we have to ‘wrap up’ the previous years administration including accounts, debrief meetings and analysis of performance. Next comes the fun part of deciding just what it is we’re going to do the following year. Unfortunately none of that involves ‘down time’.

I’ve got six magazine articles to write and several hundred web pages to update before my international shooting trips start next week. What I really should’ve done when I got home was get my head down and get some sleep before diving in

However, the first thing I did was to head out with my mates – Steve, Keith and Dickie – for an evenings lamping rabbits. Not only do I get to catch up with what’s been happening in our little world, but it really is the first time I’ve been able just to truly relax and enjoy myself for weeks.

Only problem is, by the time we’d had a pint and talked through our evenings activities, I didn’t manage to get to bed until gone three o’clock in the morning! Sure, I felt a little jaded when I woke up, but it was great to just get out there, relax and spend time with like minded people. I’m still smiling now!

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