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Ian Harford, Glenn Hansen and Max Hunt
Ian Harford with “Great Danes’ Glenn Hansen and Max Hunt

It’s coming up for 3.20am central European time, and I’m about to hit the sack. After hitting the alarm at 4.00am and the 1 hour time different between UK and Denmark, by my reckoning, that’s well over 22 hours straight. Not the longest stretch I’ve done, but certainly one of the most action packed days for a while – and after recent trips that’s certainly saying something!

I’ve come over to Denmark to help my good friend Max Hunt finish his new DVD. Max is multilingual and speaks fantastic English. However he feels it’s not quite good enough to complete the voice over for the English language version and asked me if I’d help. I practically jumped at the chance. It’s not until Clare pointed out just how little time I have left myself in the calendar that I realised just how challenging it could be.

With my epic adventure to the US via Hungary just behind me, and another to Nduna Safari in South Africa beginning this Thursday, spending another 3 days away from home might not be such a great idea. However, so far I’ve had an absolute ball! The journey here via Manchester and Hamburg was pretty smooth – the email iPhone boarding cards are just great! Only one downside being the guy next to me who felt he deserved some of my seat too.

Once in Hamburg, Max has looked after me incredibly well. We went to a major shooting retailer, and I immediately felt at home – no fewer than 100 Sauer rifles were on display. Maybe not quite like home, but we can dream 🙂 Then he took me to a ‘Shooting Cinema’ which is actually pretty much as it sounds. An indoor 25m range with a white screen at the end, and projectors overhead. You shoot real rifles, and real ammunition at moving simulations including deer, foxes and driven boar.

When you pull the trigger, the bullet passes through the paper screen and into the sand bank at the back. An infrared sensor identifies where you’ve hit, and shows as a cross on the screen. The video is frozen to show you where you would have hit in the real hunting scenario. It’s one of the most fun things I’ve ever done! Things didn’t start out all that well as I managed to load a .308 winchester cartridge into a .30-06 semi automatic rifle causing it to jam. I still blame Max for passing me the wrong cartridges and the guy for dimming the lights before passing me the rifle!

Following that we’ve pretty much spent the entire evening re-translating the broken English version of the Danish transcript as translated by Google. Some of the words were incredibly amusing, some were downright cryptic. Some 8 hours and 2707 words later we’re ready to rock! We hit the recording studio tomorrow at 9.00am and stand a good chance of getting it wrapped up by early afternoon. That then gives us plenty of time to celebrate with my other great Danish friend Glenn Hansen, who is planning on joining us for. This trip just gets better and better!

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