WFTF World Championship 2013: Shooting the Breeze – Part Three

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Welcome back to part three of Team Wild TV’s informative seven part series on the WFTF World Championship of 2013, held in Ebern, Germany. Join us tonight for the first day of the shoot and witness the air of excitement that builds as the contestants prepare to struggle towards their goal of taking the championship home. In this film we’ll bring you the backstory of players and how they became involved in this fantastic sport.

Also be sure to watch out for Team Wales and their colourful banter as they bring light and humour to the family-like setting of the WFTF World Championship. John Costello certainly doesn’t seem to mind just like the majority of the sport don’t seem to mind talking about their weight.

If you haven’t had a chance to look into our earlier videos following the WFTF World Championship be sure to check out our playlist of our previous onsite coverage:

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