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On tonight’s Isuzu D-Max Huntsman episode, Team Wild are back in Scotland, this time on the stunning peninsula of Kintyre. An area of Scotland steeped in history and archeological wonders, stunning hills and lochs, sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets, Kintyre is the cradle of Celtic Scotland, and a hunters dream.

Within the vast wilderness here, sika deer are prevalent, and when the population booms, the local habitat suffers. This is why deer management is so important here. Sika, are non native to the UK, and escaped captivity a long time ago and interbred with native red deer.

Owen Beardsmore of Cervus UK is an incredibly experienced deer stalker, and knows Kintyre like the back of his hands. Owen takes us through what it is, he and his team do to help manage deer populations in and around Kintyre.

With the vast knowledge of the trade, and the landscape, how will Owen and his team fare? Will they bag a few Sika, or will the wilderness of Kintyre get the better of them? Watch and find out in yet another fantastic Huntsman episode from TeamWild TV.

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Isuzu D-MAX Huntsman

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