Benjamin Bulldog Big Bore Air Rifle Hunting in South Africa: Red Hartebeest

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We’re back in the Bushveld of the Eastern Cape in South Africa for another exciting airgun hunting safari.

Today on Realtree Global Hunting, Chief of International Pro Team Ian Harford returns to the Dark Continent with the amazing Benjamin Bulldog .357 Big Bore Air Rifle from Crosman.

Accompanied by Gavin Ingram of Nduna Hunting Safaris, Ian heads out on the hunt for red hartebeest.

South Africa is considered by many to be home of big game hunting and on iconic destination for adventurous from across the globe.

The tough terrain, the plethora of game and the challenging hunting conditions makes this the perfect location for any hunter wanting to test their metal. Ian has the right tool for the job and has already achieved great success using the Benjamin Bulldog, taking a duiker, springbok, three warthogs and narrowly missing an impala.

Red hartebeest tend to move in herds, trying to sneak up on them can be difficult as they rely on the numerous eyes of the group looking in every direction. Even though they have relatively poor eyesight, red hartebeest have excellent sense of smell and hearing, if just one of the herd is spooked the others will take off running.

Will Ian conquer the illusive red hartebeest and add to his impressive list of game? Watch the full video now to find out…

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