Driven Pheasant Shooting: The Shooting Community

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It’s time to load up the shotgun and head to the countryside. The brand new episode of Great British Shooting is here!

Game shoot days have been a vital part of the countryside for generations, filled with heritage, history and tradition that spans over a 100 years.

On today’s episode, outdoor enthusiasts have gathered at the Shoot Lodge set among the beautiful surroundings of the Winwoods Farm. Deep within Shropshire’s rolling hills, this picturesque location offers some of the finest and most challenging shooting in the country. Here the guns will be faced with plenty of high pheasants that have been driven out of cover from the surrounding crops and established woodlands.

The thrill of the shoot isn’t the only reason why driven pheasant shooting has such a long lineage. The camaraderie is an important part to any shoot day; here everyone can enjoy a day out in the Great British Countryside with some old friends while making new ones. The atmosphere is upbeat with a light-hearted vibe as everyone involved is out to have a good time, creating memorable moments to share with family and friends.

The shooting community provides an important service to the local area that helps with the upkeep and management of the land. With there support, future generations can look forward to a healthy population of game birds and beautiful countryside surroundings for another 100 years.

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