Hunting Bronze Medal Beceite Ibex In Spain

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Realtree Global Hunting is back for the first hunt of 2016. Today, we’re hunting bronze medal beceite ibex in Spain.

We’re back in sunny Spain with our friends Fran Cortina and Jose Utrillas of Corju Hunting for another epic adventure.

Chief of International Pro-Team Ian Harford and Pro-Team member Steve Wild are out early stalking the tough terrain of the Spanish mountaintops. It isn’t long until they come across a group of ibex. But before Steve can set up his rifle the ibex disappear over the hilltop.

The location doesn’t just offer incredible hunting conditions but some of the finest scenery in the world. With the weather worsening, the team continue their search for the illusive ibex.

Further up the mountain all there hard work is finally paid off. A small group of ibex are moving up a hill in the distance, amongst them is a monster 11 year old.

Steve had only moments to get set up and prepare for the shot. With Ian shouting out the distances, Steve takes the shot…

Will Steve bag his trophy ibex? Watch the video now to find out…

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