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After a busy night rat shooting with his Air Arms S510 air rifle, we caught up with Team Wild TV expert and night vision specialist Paul Hodson and ask him a few questions.

How important is pest control? – Pest control is vitality important. With out it crops are destroyed and diseases are spread. The cost of food production increase to cover the cost of lost food to vermin.

What’s the most challenging aspect of rat shooting? – Locating their runs! If you can find a rat superhighway then you should be able to sort out the pesky critters. Do your homework and look for runs and activity. They won’t be far from 3 vital things 1 food 2 warmth 3 safety.

What do you enjoy most about rat shooting? – Speed! Fast action. When fox shooting you can wait for hours for one shot! With rats it’s bang bang bang!

How did the S510 perform? – S510 was sublime. Accurate, fast loading and simple to use! I love using the S510 for ratting. Although I’m very excited about taking the Galahad out

Why did you choose the S510 to shoot rats? – I chose the S510 because of the way it looks. It looks like a rifle that means business. But as when trying all new guns I was unsure how it was going to perform but my worries were missed placed once I had the gun in my hands. It took minutes to get used to and 6 shots to have it on zero. Also it’s incredibly flat shooting for an air rifle 10-50+ yards. No holdover for rats point and shoot.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into rat shooting? – Start with making your rifle as accurate as you can! I shoot rats in the daytime so you don’t need expensive night vision! Join a group on face book or ask around local farms small holdings etc. No one likes rats and permissions are fairly easy to obtain! Farms are not to keen on poisons because of farm animals also dogs and cat etc. A sub 12ft lb. rifle will do the job!

You can see Paul’s latest epic video below:

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