Decoying Pigeons in Leicestershire with Ian Harford

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Welcome to Realtree Global Wing Shooting, the brand new series where we visit the finest game lodges in the world. During these epic adventures we experience some of the best wing shooting available.

Episode Six – We join Realtree Chief of International Pro-Team Ian Harford for a challenging shoot, decoying pigeons in Leicestershire with pigeon shooting expert, Matt Cole.

In this episode, follow Ian Harford as he explores the beautiful British countryside for the perfect spot to set up a hide in anticipation for a rewarding afternoon shoot.

With the help of Pigeon Shooting in Leicestershire’s own Matt Cole, the pair rack up the numbers in an attempt to reduce the ever growing population of pigeons. With thousands of birds over populating and damaging farmers crops, it is often down to local shooting enthusiasts to help solve their pest problems.

After a long day patiently waiting behind the hide, Ian expresses his knowledge on the flight patterns of these illusive birds as well as giving the best tips for decoying behind a hide in these conditions.

For more information about the services provided, visit the Pigeon Shooting in Leicestershire website below:

For a chance to take a closer look at the camo and accessories used by Ian in this video, further details and links to these items have been listed below:

Ian is wearing Deerhunter Avanti in Realtree Max5 –

He’s using a Benelli Vinci Sei-Auto Shotgun in Realtree Max4 –

He’s wearing a Rockwell Watch I Realtree Max5 –

Using Hull Cartridge Supreme Game –

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