Shooting Sand Grouse in South Africa

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Welcome to Realtree Global Wing Shooting, the brand new series where we visit the finest game lodges in the world. During these epic adventures we experience some of the best wing shooting available.

Episode Eight – We join Spanish shooter Javier Lopez and Leicestershire pigeon shooting manager Matt Cole for a challenging shoot in the open plains of South Africa, on the look out for the small, elusive Sand Grouse.

In this episode, follow Matt and Javier as they explore the impressive shooting grounds around the beautiful Cawoods Hope Game Lodge.

The birds are often hard to spot though the team find a lively flock circling a near by watering hole. Taking the chance, they set themselves a 10 bird bag and carefully work around the water.

Sand grouse are beautiful birds but they are very small and fast and often travel in large flocks. The two men struggle to catch sight of them, but luckily sand grouse have very loud calls and can be heard from a long way off.

The team are in for a long day as they attempt to catch these impressive birds.

If you would like to learn more about the lodge and this incredible shooting experience, visit the website below:

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