Rabbit Shooting with Eddie Jones

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Today on Air Arms TV, we are out on Rabbit Shooting with Eddie Jones.

Eddie is very experienced when it comes to pest control; he has already achieved great success dealing with troublesome vermin in the past. Today, we follow Eddie as he heads out on a rabbit shooting adventure.

Eddie is going to be need the right air rifle for the job…

The Galahad is a bull pup based rifle that contains the same power plant and magazine system as the S410/S510 range. Designed with a unique, forward mounted cocking lever placed at the centre of the action, it’s easier than ever to cock the rifle. The forward motion cocking, encourages the shooter to stay on target, reduces body movement and helps maintain stealth. Making the Galahad the ideal air rifle for a pest control adventure.

How will Eddie get on? Watch the video now to find out…

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