Hunting in Alaska – Episode 2: The Essential Equipment

Team Wild TV Team Wild TV

Date: in Hunting

Welcome to the Hunting in Alaska on Team Wild TV. During these behind-the-scenes prelude episodes, we join Ian Harford and Steve Wild as they prepare for their epic Alaska hunting adventure.

It’s the night before the epic journey to Alaska begins and Ian Harford is preparing his equipment for the trip.

It may look like a lot of gear that needs to fit into one rucksack. But, considering the conditions and mountainous terrain, the focus is a clothing system based upon multiple layers that are waterproof and lightweight.

The weather is very unpredictable in Alaska and the team needs to be ready for the sudden changes in temperature and weather conditions.

Every piece of equipment has been carefully chosen for its specific function and only essential items will be taken on the trip as everything must be carried into the wilderness.

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