Great British Shooting: Pheasant Shooting at Wolseley Park

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Today on Great British Shooting, Ian Harford heads to the Wolseley Park in Staffordshire for another incredible day of driven pheasant shooting.

Welcome to the latest Episode of Great British Shooting on Team Wild TV. In this episode, Ian Harford attends a driven pheasant shoot day at Wolseley Park, Staffordshire.

Wolseley Park is situated in the heart of Staffordshire surrounded by rolling hills and breath-taking scenery. Here you’ll find some of the finest pheasants in the country. Wing shooting is just one reason why driven days like this is an age-old tradition throughout the UK. Driven pheasant shooting has been popular for over 100 years with sportsmen and women.

It is a special day where everyone involved from the beaters, keepers and shooters are here for a fun day out. It is shoot days like these where camaraderie is just as important as how many birds are taken.

It is a real privilege to come pheasant shooting here.It’s truly a Great British tradition which brings together so many different people from so many different walks of life.” – Ian Harford.

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