Hunting Grizzly Bear and Caribou in Alaska: On to Caribou Country

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Welcome to the Episode 10 of Team Wild TV’s Hunting in Alaska Series. We join Ian Harford and Steve Wild behind-the-scenes on their epic Alaska hunting adventure.
Following a difficult day of packing out Ian’s giant Bull Moose, the team returned to camp when a black bear unexpectedly wandered onto a nearby ridge offering 300 yard shot for Steve with his Blaser rifle. The first task of the day is to head out and locate Steve’s bear.
The route to Steve’s bear takes the team through a dense carpet of willow, but it’s low enough that the team can navigate around the bushes rather than needing to cut a trail through them.
They ascend the bright red berry patch that provided the backdrop for last nights encounter and onto the alder patch into which the bear disappeared. Now the search begins.
It now comes down to old-fashioned fieldcraft and Steve must use all of his experience to find and follow the trail. The team breathes a sigh of relief as we successfully recover the bear, but time is not on their side today. It’s time to return to camp and get packed up ready to move to caribou country.
Once back at camp, it’s an exercise of military precision to get all of the equipment packed and stowed ready for transport.
The journey to caribou country is a masterpiece of aviation logistics. The team’s destination camp is just a few miles across the Alaska Range.
Once the team are at their new camp, they must begin the process of erecting tents, organising camp, fetching water from the creek and preparing for the next phase of the hunt.

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