Stalking Roebucks in Cornwall with Ian Harford

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The unpredictability in the weather during the Great British Summer time can create challenging conditions. That isn’t going to stop Ian Harford heading out on his latest adventure, stalking roebucks in the picturesque valleys of Cornwall.

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After a tough start to the trip, the weather finally started to improve, giving Ian and Chris Gale a clear view of this stunning location. However, apart from several does with their kids taking an interest in Chris’s calls, there were no signs of roebucks. This is what stalking is all about; you have to persevere to be successful.

Continuing on their path after days of patiently stalking, Ian finds himself in the right place at the right time, an ideal cull buck presents itself. Ian doesn’t waste time and he sets his rifle on his shooting sticks. He calmly squeezes the trigger and the roebuck is ethically dispatched. This was a great start to the day and just what Ian and Chris needed to raise their spirits.

Ian’s enthusiasm remains strong as he scans the treeline for signs of movement using his Hawke Endurance binoculars. Unfortunately, even with Chris’s extensive knowledge of the area, there are no signs of roebuck movement. They decide to change there approach and head out of the dense woodland and into a more open area.

This plan pays off, as Ian and Chris spot a doe and buck in a nearby field. They must stay towards the edge of the forest to avoid being seen. They need to move quickly and quietly.

As Ian and Chris stalk closer along the edge of the field the doe and buck aren’t aware of their presence. The buck is bedding down amongst the tall grass, it now becomes a waiting game for the buck to stand up and present a clean shot. Chris starts to call in with the hope of bringing in the doe or buck. If the doe responds to the call, the buck will no doubt follow.

The call successfully catches the doe’s attention and it begins to move; the buck stands up and begins to follow. It is then that Ian notices that the buck has an injured leg. Ian waits until the buck stops and takes the shot. The buck instantly falls to the floor.

Although the last four days have been challenging, it has been an incredible stalking trip in Cornwall. Ian’s hard work paid off with two beautiful roebucks.

“Stalking is all about being passionate and waiting for the right moment, hoping that luck is on your side.” – Ian Harford

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