Wild Boar Hunting: The Blaser & Sauer Factory Tour

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Ian Harford and Steve Wild continue on their epic wild boar hunting road trip to Hungary. In this episode, they stop off for a tour of the Blaser and Sauer factories.

In the previous episode on Team Wild TV, Ian and Steve explored the offerings of Jachthuis Vandromme Gun Room. As their epic adventure continues, Ian and Steve arrive at their next destination, the Sauer and Blaser factories in Southern Germany. Here they join Frederic Hanner, International Sales Manager for Sauer runs through some of the amazing rifles and shotguns available.

Welcome to Wild Boar Road Trip – The Blaser & Sauer Factory Tour on Team Wild TV.

Frederic showcases some of the engravings that take place in the factory. This includes some unique pieces from an ancient Greek theme rifle to one featuring dinosaurs. Frederic also discusses the importance of customer service. Each stage of a rifle or shotgun assembly is exchanged with the customer to make sure they are 100% happy with their product.

Steve is eager to learn more about the Blaser R8 collection and see what exciting innovations are taking place in the factory. Tobias Fehr, International Marketing for Blaser runs through several products including the brand new silencer version. Steve also takes the time to do a bit of shopping to see if there are any additional products that he can take on their trip into the Hungarian wilderness.

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Before Ian and Steve hit the road; they take the opportunity to try their hand on the Blaser Shooting Cinema.

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