Wild Boar Hunting: Target Practice at the Blaser Shooting Cinema

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Ian and Steve put their driven wild boar shooting skills to the test and take on the Blaser shooting cinema.

Welcome to Wild Boar Road Trip – Hungary on Team Wild TV.

After enjoying a first class tour of the Blaser and Sauer factories, Ian and Steve get to experience some virtual wild boars as they take on the Blaser Shooting Cinema.

The Blaser Shooting Cinema projects actual footage of wild boars, this allows the user to test their skills and learn more about the way they move around their environment. Live ammo is used as the computer calculates where each of the shots hit on the targets. This will give a clearer understanding of how to approach each animal.

The Shooting Cinema is very useful for those who are not just new to driven hunting, but for people who want to expand their knowledge and developed their shooting skills.

As Ian and Steve try their hand on the simulated shooting, International Sales Manager for Sauer, Frederic Hanner offers some expert advice. This is where the training that Ian and Steve received at WMS Firearms really comes into practice, with boars running at different speeds, angles and elevations. This is not only a training exercise; it’s also a lot of fun.

To finish out the day, Ian and Steve have a bit of friendly competition, to see who can hit a boar as it passes between two trees. Expert driven wild boar hunter, Frederic also has a turn.

On the next episode, Ian and Steve arrive in Hungary and head out on their first driven wild boar hunting adventure.

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