Stalking Wild Boar, Fallow Doe and Mouflon Rams in Hungary

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After three days and 1,500 miles of driving, we have finally made it to Hungary and this means we are finally getting out into the field, weeks of practice and preparation have finally led to today.

Welcome to Wild Boar Road Trip – Hungary on Team Wild TV.

Before heading into the Hungarian wilderness for their first stalk, Ian Harford and Steve Wild gather and prepare their equipment. It has become a well-rehearsed ritual that they have mastered over the years. Their system not only saves time, it also means that important items are rarely left behind. With their equipment ready, Ian and Steve both check their rifles are still zeroed after their long road trip from the UK to Hungary.

Rifles prepped and ready to go, Ian and Steve depart each other, heading towards separate areas of the woodland. They’ll both be looking for different quarry during this outing. Ian will try his luck at a fallow doe for meat, whereas Steve is looking for a mouflon ram or wild boar.

Steve arrives at his highseat, which looks over where the wild boars have been feeding. Equipped with his Hawke Endurance 10×56 binoculars, Steve has a clear view of the surrounding area. If any suitable animals approach he will be able to clearly spot them. He also has his trusty Blaser R8 Professional Success in 300 Win Mag.

As Steve patiently waits in his highseat, Ian is out on foot. This area of Europe is very game rich with great management practices, beautiful woodlands and plenty of wild boars. It doesn’t take long for Ian to come across a sound of wild boar in the distance. This rich Hungarian countryside is perfect for supporting healthy populations of wild game. Seeing so many animals early on into a stalk is amazing, it’s also great news for their driven hunt the next day.

However, Steve hasn’t had as much luck in seeing any animal activity from his highseat. Over an hour has passed and Steve still hasn’t seen any wild boars. Remaining optimistic, Steve continues to wait in the highseat.

Ian has now also taken up in a highseat after covering a lot of ground on foot. Sometimes it’s best to let things around you settle and allow the opportunity for animals to appear.

Later in the evening, Ian returns to stalking on foot and comes across a plethora of animal activity, including roe doe. Although not on the tableau for tonight, it’s wonderful to observe these beautiful creatures. As the light closes in an army of wild boar emerge from the surrounding forest towards one of the areas the team will be hunting in the next day. Ian decides not to risk ruining tomorrows hunting by disturbing the wild boars now.

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