Driven Wild Boar Hunting Traditions in Hungary

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On the final day of the driven boar hunting trip in Hungary, Team Wild TV follows Ian Harford as he heads out into the brush for one final day of driven wild boar hunting.
  • Pre-Hunt preparations.
  • The first drive of the day.
  • High expectations for the second drive.
  • The final drive of the wild boar road trip doesn’t disappoint.
  • Next time on Team Wild TV.

It’s a dull and slightly overcast morning and Ian gets ready for the first driven boar hunt of the day. Preparing the equipment he needs for what he anticipates should be an exciting day ahead. Hunting with a new group of people is an amazing experience and the friendships formed on this trip are just as important as the hunt itself.

Welcome to Wild Boar Road Trip – Hungary on Team Wild TV.

The first drive of the day.

The head keeper briefs Ian on his first arc of fire. Knowing he is not positioned in a highest, he comes prepared with his sticks to help steady his shot. Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to driven hunting and nothing is left to chance. With shooters to his left and right, the arc of fire is about 40 yards in front, 150 yards to the right and 80 to the left. A good backstop and a heavy ammunition will give Ian a good advantage on these fast sprinting boars.

Ian Harford driven boar hunt

Even though the first drive was uneventful, the sounds of gunshots in the distance gave Ian hope that there was still something out there worth waiting for, and the sunshine seems like a sign of good things to come. It’s easy to get disheartened when things don’t go the way they are hoped, but it’s vital not to lose focus and give into those unrealistic expectations.

High expectations for the second drive.

Again, no high seat means another drive standing on the sticks and waiting for the perfect moment. But with the amount of sign, Ian is assured that something will appear. Luckily, a fallow doe makes an appearance around 80 yards away. But unfortunately she placed herself close to the beaters and the dogs scared her off. By the time she was in the perfect place, it was unsafe to shoot.

Ian Driven boar hunt

Just as all hope was lost, Ian was rewarded with another opportunity. A fellow shooter wounded a pig directly in front of Ian’s path, seizing the opportunity, Ian takes down the pig with one shot. A perfect example of teamwork at it’s finest.

Giving thanks to an animal is just as important as the shot. Tradition is a huge part of hunting in Hungary and as Ian pays his respects and thanks to his fellow shooters, he feels like he has accomplished much more than taking home meat for the evening meal.

The final drive of the wild boar road trip doesn’t dissapoint.

Driven boar from a high seat

For the final drive, Ian finally gets the opportunity to sit int he high seat. With a much needed elevated position, Ian feels the potential as the sun begins to set. Soon into the drive, Ian takes a fallow down to his left. Shortly after, the beaters cry as a boar comes sprinting out of the woodlands to his right. Quickly in the clear, the boar goes down easily with just one powerful punch from Ian’s Hornady Superformance SSTs.

Hungarian hunting traditions

Winding down the day with a little bit of housekeeping and some fine celebrations of a successful hunt, Ian looks back on the trip and thanks to the great team around him for another fantastic experience.

In the final episode of the Wild Boar Road Trip – Hungary

Ian and Steve take a look back on the trip and go through the ups and downs and epic experiences of Wild Boar hunting in Hungary.

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