Roebuck Hunting in Hampshire with Ian Harford and Owen Beardsmore

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Ian Harford and Owen Beardsmore are in Hampshire on a warm July morning hunting roebuck in Hampshire.

Welcome to the new series of Great British Shooting – Hunting roebuck in Hampshire on Team Wild TV.

In the first episode of the Great British Shooting series, Ian Harford joins Owen Beardsmore of Cervus UK on a warm July morning. The weather provides good conditions for hunting roebucks and shows an early sign of a promising day ahead. Following a quick debrief of the strategy, Ian begins to stalk up the first drive towards the high seat. Careful not to disturb the surrounding area, Ian moves cautiously. It isn’t long before Ian spots three-month-old kid further down the drive. Ian stops to observe the size and health of the animal, it’s clear that Hampshire offers great conditions for growing big deer. Ian takes a few minutes to watch the deer graze before hearing a disturbance in the distance. Typically roe doe gives birth to twins and through the bush appears another similar looking kid, a fabulous sight to observe.

roebuck hunting

Ian carefully moves on and up into the high seat which is strategically positioned with good views of the surrounding drives. Once settled, Ian begins to glass and starts calling. Quickly responding to the call, a magnificent looking roebuck enters from the cover. A couple of barks from Owen sees the roebuck turn and present Ian with a shot.

Will Ian take his opportunity? Click the video link to watch the full episode now.

Tune into Team Wild TV next week for the second episode in the Great British Shooting series. On next weeks episode, Team Wild TV joins Ian Harford and Steve Wild in Staffordshire for a day in the hide. Wearing Realtree Max-5 camouflage Ian and Steve spend the day pigeon shooting

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