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As the Beast from the East rolls in, we join Ian Harford and Steve Wild in the Great British countryside as they take to the hide for a day of extreme pigeon shooting.

Adverse weather conditions make for an interesting day out pigeon shooting in Staffordshire for Ian Harford and Steve Wild.

Welcome to Great British Shooting on Team Wild TV.

It’s early February in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside and Ian and Steve get up nice and early to reduce the overpopulation of pigeon numbers on the estate.

After a series of heavy a snow storms swept across the UK, the team decided to test their luck in the difficult conditions. Hoping that the weather holds out long enough to get the job done, both Ian and Steve kit themselves out with the Deerhunter Muflon collection in Realtree Max-5 camouflage to ensure they stay warm and well hidden amongst the trees.

Pigeon shooting Realtree Max5

Although it is a very cold day, the skies are clear and Steve gets to work setting up the decoys to draw the birds in. Ian prepares the guns and the hide just along the tree line to keep them covered against the unusually white grounds.

The morning seems to go well but even the skilled shooters can’t ignore the black clouds rolling in over the horizon. The field quickly turns into a white out and the men have to really concentrate to keep track of the birds in the dense snowfall.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Britain if the weather didn’t constantly change. With intermittent blue skies and thick snow, the day doesn’t go by without its challenges but after moving the hide a few times, the team manages to make the most of the situation and bring down a suitable amount of pigeons.

All in all, It has been another memorable day pigeon shooting out in the Great British countryside.

Next week on Team Wild TV…

Tune into Team Wild TV next week for the third episode in the Great British Shooting series. On next weeks episode, Team Wild TV joins Ian Harford and Owen Beardsmore head out for some late afternoon stalking in the British countryside on the look out for Roebucks.

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