Roebuck Hunting with Ian Harford: Cull Bucks in the Rut

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It’s a mild July evening in Hampshire as Ian Harford and Owen Beardsmore set out on the hunt for roebuck. With periods of rain throughout the afternoon, Ian and Owen are hopeful that the bucks down and stopped their movement. With the brighter weather appearing expectations are high for plenty of rutting activity.

  • Great British Shooting Video.
  • Effective deer management.
  • The first stalk of the day.
  • The second stalk sees success.
  • Next week: Pheasant shooting at Shakenhurst Estate.
Welcome to Great British Shooting on Team Wild TV.

Stalking down a ridge, early into their stalk, Ian spots a decent looking buck just on the hedge line two fields below with a doe also appearing in the field. The buck seemed to be fixated on something to his right, unsure if there’s a younger buck in close proximity who’s trying to move in and rut with the female, Ian and Owen take the opportunity to stalk in the hope of calling the buck in.

An effective approach to deer management.

Cervus UK is recognised as the UK’s leading hunting outfitter, with roebuck hunting a particular specialty. But this has not come by accident. Owen spends many hours glassing his ground and nurturing bucks through to their full potential.

Owen employs a holistic management programme, taking out the weaker cull bucks and letting the strong bucks reach maturity. This ensures the deer population thrives.

The first stalk for roebuck of the day.

Ian and Owen make their way slowly down the field margin. The vegetation is high and dense, requiring a slow, methodical approach. The approach pays off as they spot a young cull buck grazing a short distance into the crop. Ian gets set up on his shooting sticks and gets ready to take the shot.

roebuck Shooting Sticks

The height of the vegetation offers Ian a limited target at the top of the neck. Owen takes a position in an adjacent tramline to try and call the buck into a better position. The buck doesn’t respond to the call and at around 100 yards, Ian is confident of the shot at this distance. Ian steadies himself and pulls the trigger. The shot connects perfectly and the young buck drops on the spot. A successful stalk and a great way to start off the day.

The fields are ripe with deer and it’s great to see Owen’s management plan yielding such great results. It’s these moments that make the long hours and rough stalks worthwhile.

The day is still young and Ian is quickly off to a new location.

As the day wears on, Ian spots another perfect cull buck. Patience and careful shot placement are key. He mustn’t let the moment go to waste. With one carefully measured shot, the shot connects perfectly despite the buck running for cover. Ian could not take all the credit for the shot. With a carefully picked Hawke scope, Howa 1500 Rifle and GRS stock, he knows his equipment will not let him down.

Ian and Owen follow the trail through the bushes until they come across their buck. Another great shot and another buck down to make way for the next generation of deer.

Next time on Team Wild TV

Tune into Team Wild TV next Thursday for the second episode in the Great British Shooting series. On next weeks episode, Team Wild TV joins Ian Harford at the beautiful Shakenhurst Estate for a day of Pheasant shooting.

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