Driven Pheasant Shooting at the Shakenhurst Estate Shoot

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It’s a beautiful November morning in Worcestershire at the magnificent Shakenhurst Estate shoot and Ian Harford is shooting driven pheasant.
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  • Video: Driven Pheasant Shooting at the Shakenhurst Estate Shoot.
  • Shooting at the Shakenhurst Estate in Worcestershire.
  • Next Week: Roebuck hunting with Ian Harford and Owen Beardsmore.
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Late November, early December is an ideal time for a driven pheasant shoot day. The weather is cold and the ground is covered in a solid frost, but there are stunning blue clear skies. The trees are all clear of leaves, the birds are holding nicely on the feeders and they offer some good sports.

Driven game days like this isn’t just about the shooting, is about the camaraderie, spending time with friends and having some friendly competition. Stealing your fellow guns birds really adds to the day. That’s part of the day of shooting, it’s about the great sports, great environment and great company.

Team Wild Tv Driven Pheasant Shooting

There is a good mix of landscape at Shakenhurst estate. Woodland, field, parkland, there is a strong variety of birds in both style and species. There have been some lovely pheasants and some cracking partridges, moving away from the tress, changing directions and making some very fast targets.

This is Ian’s favourite time of the year. Not only has the seasons change, all the colours in the woodland, leaves are off the trees and the woods are alive with life, even though it’s coming into winter. Getting to spend time shooting, enjoying time with a group of like-minded people is what life should all be about. It’s not just about us at shooting, it’s all the guys behind the scenes, the beaters, all the pickers up, the woodland is a hive of activity from the spaniels, Labradors and retrievers. It really is a community type event brings everybody in the countryside.

Next week on Team Wild TV…

Ian Harford is back in the field with Owen Beardsmore hunting Roebuck.

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