Driven Pheasant Shooting – Wolseley Park Estate Shoot: First day of the season

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It’s the start of the pheasant shooting season at Wolseley park shooting estate in Staffordshire. From the beaters to the guns, the anticipation is high following months of hard work and dedication.
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  • The scene is set for a magnificent shoot day.
  • Video: Discover every aspect of a shoot day at Wolseley Park.
  • Hard work and dedication.
  • In the next episode, Frederic Hanner heads out muntjac stalking.
Last week on Great British Shooting.

On the previous episode of Great British Shooting Ian Harford successfully harvested an old roebuck during one of his most memorable stalks of his career.

Months of preparation and hard work.

Surrounded by the magnificent Staffordshire countryside, a driven pheasant shoot day at Wolseley Park encapsulates the very best of shooting Britain has to offer. Throughout this episode, Team Wild follows gamekeeper Steve Wild as he orchestrates his dedicated team on the opening day of the 2018 pheasant shooting season.

Welcome to Great British Shooting on Team Wild TV.

For gamekeeper Steve, the opening day of the shooting season signifies months of hard work, preparation, and organisation. With the prolonged hot British summer, water has been a major issue as the pheasant required constant hydration. Organised into four drives, three before lunch and one drive after, the day is set up to be a fantastic first day.

The Great British Shooting on Team Wild TV celebrates all that is great about shooting in Britain. From world-renowned driven shoots on prestigious country estates, through to walked up “rough shoots” on farms and smallholdings. In this series, we meet some of the incredible characters that bring shooting days together.

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