Self-Guided Moose & Caribou Hunting in Alaska: Episode 6 – Moving To Moose Country

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It’s day six of Ian Harford and Steve Wild’s epic Alaskan adventure and today is moving day. It’s a wet and cold morning as they begin to take down their camp and prepare to relocate to moose country. The team have the challenging task of packing down all of their equipment ready for the arrival of bush pilot, Cole Hawkins.

Welcome to Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska on Team Wild TV.

On the previous episode of self-guided hunting in Alaska, took to the Alaskan wilderness for the start of the moose season.

The clear bright skies have been bringing increasingly colder nights, which bodes well for moose hunting. However, the tents and water bottles are frozen solid. Ian and Steve are against the clock making sure everything is ready for Cole’s arrival.

Hunting in alaska tents

Cole is still trying to catch up on his schedule after three solid weeks of rain. Ian and Steve do their best to help move things along swiftly and smoothly as possible. They make sure everything is packed and loaded ready to go on the plane. Ian is the first to head out of caribou country with Steve and cameraman James following soon after.

Moving to Moose Country.

The new location is known to have a strong population of moose and grizzly bear. Before moving onto moose country the team make a quick pit stop at a local airfield to change planes. Once again it’s a tight schedule and all the equipment must be unloaded quickly ready to be moved onto the Maul M5. Ian travels with the first load into moose country and begins to set up camp. Soon after Steve and James follow with the remaining equipment.

flying to moose country in Alaska

With the weather still on their side, Ian and Steve know a storm could be right around the corner. They tirelessly continue to set up camp, using large rocks from a nearby creek to hold down the guide ropes attached to the tent.

It’s been another busy day and the team now find themselves in their new home for the next few days. After spending some time glassing the surrounding area, it’s time for a coffee as tomorrow will be another epic down in the Alaskan wilderness.

Ian harford and steve wild in Deerhunter and Realtree

In Episode 7 of Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska.

Ian Harford and Steve Wild take to the Alaskan wilderness for their first proper day of moose hunting.

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