Self-Guided Moose & Caribou Hunting in Alaska: Episode 7 – Hunting Alaskan Moose.

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After a busy day moving into moose country and setting up what will be their home for the next few days, Ian Harford and Steve Wild head out once again into the magnificent Alaskan wilderness in the hope of successfully hunting moose.

  • Video: Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska Episode 7.
  • Waking up in Moose Country.
  • Glassing for Alaskan Moose.
  • Hunting Moose in the Alaskan Wilderness.
Welcome to Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska on Team Wild TV.

Waking up in Moose Country.

The sun is shining as day seven begins. The new camp is located in a stunning part of moose country surrounded by incredible mountains and beautiful deep valleys. After breakfast the team head out and begin glassing for signs of moose, it isn’t long until they have action. A young bull, two cows and a calf are grazing in the distance. It’s encouraging to see so many animals so soon after arriving in camp. However, not too far away is a much larger bull that appears to be legal.

Soon after Ian and Steve move down the valley a cow and calf pass directly behind camp, there certainly is a strong population of healthy moose at this location.

Glassing for Alaskan Moose.

Continuing on their journey, Steve finds a comfortable spot on the ground and glassing surrounding area. With an outstanding view like this, it’s better to let the binoculars and spotting scope do the work. Once they see a legal bull, Ian and Steve can plan their approach. It’s a team effort and they discuss and agree on the best strategy.

Spotting Alaskan Moose

It’s been a productive morning and the team decide to break for lunch. It really is a luxury to be able to head back to camp whilst taking the opportunity to glass the valley from a slightly different angle.

Glassing Alaskan Moose

After lunch, Steve scans moose ridge, whilst Ian checks out the country behind camp. Keeping an eye out for the group of moose they spotted earlier, Ian is eager to try and see if there is a bull within easy reach. However, with the rolling terrain offering so many places to hide, Ian believes their best bet is to scan the far ridge where they have the best visibility.

Hunting Moose in the Alaskan Wilderness.

Hunting Moose in Alaska

Their patience is rewarded as another huge bull moose appears in the distance. However, with the shadows beginning to lengthen, Ian and Steve head back to camp and regroup in the morning.

It’s been another incredible day in the Alaskan wilderness. The sun has been shining all day as Ian and Steve settle into moose country. There has been a massive amount of animal movement in the area. Ian and Steve are excited for the next day where they will hopefully harvest a bull moose.

Next Time on Team Wild TV…

Ian spots the moose of a lifetime.

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