Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska: Episode 8 – The Moose of a Lifetime

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It’s day eight of Ian Harford and Steve Wild’s epic self-guided hunting adventure in Alaska. Now set up in moose country, Ian and Steve have already seen plenty of bull movement in the surrounding valleys. Heading out glassing they are both confident that they’ll locate the ideal bull moose to harvest.

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  • Sauer 404 Synchro XTC rifle – Built to perform in the world’s most challenging conditions.
  • Glassing for moose with the Hawke Endurance ED 20-60×85 Spotting scope.
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Welcome to Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska on Team Wild TV.

The exertions from packing out the two massive caribou bulls and moving camp have started to take a toll on Ian and Steve. However, they haven’t let their tired bodies dampen their spirits and are up early ready for another exciting day in the Alaskan wilderness. The weather is spectacular and it is not long before Steve spots a moose in the distance, around 800-900 yards away. They pack up their equipment and move closer towards the bull.

Ian hunting moose in Alaska

Before they plan their approach, Ian and Steve need to be sure that the moose is in the legal requirements to be harvested. Trekking to within 400 yards of the moose, in a more suitable position, Ian is able to identify the bull and is quick to establish that the bull isn’t within the legal restrictions. However, It is a positive sign of things to come.

Sauer 404 Synchro XTC rifle – Built to perform in the world’s most challenging conditions.

Ian identifies specific features of his Sauer 404 XTC rifle and its unique capabilities. The lightweight carbon fiber Synchro XTC stock and extreme rigidity and recoil absorption design is ideal for the challenging conditions of the Alaskan wilderness.

SAUER 404 Synchro XTC

Glassing for moose with the Hawke Endurance ED 20-60×85 Spotting scope.

Glassing over the valley Ian spots two mature bulls appear in the distance. Ian examines them with his Hawke Endurance ED spotting scope. Using it effectively to pick out the bulls defining characteristics whilst Steve scans the ridge for more animals. Then the monster steps into view. This huge bull is exactly what they’ve been looking for and is undoubtedly the big bull moose they’ve seen high up on the mountain over the past couple of days.

Hawke Endurance ED 20-60×85 Spotting scope.

During the pre-rut, Ian tends to use calls sparingly to spark a bull’s interest, but Steve has a couple of new tricks he’d like to try out. He lets out his most alluring cow call, which succeeds in catching the bulls’ attention. However, it certainly did not like the sight of the white meat bags and runs back into the mountain.

Ian quickly grabs his pack and heads down the valley to assess their options, anxious for one last glimpse of this monster and a ray of hope for tomorrow. Unfortunately, the massive bull moose leaves the valley.

Ian Harford hunting moose in alaska

Somewhat dishearten and with daylight fading, Ian and Steve make their way back to camp. This is what hunting is all about, situations like this can be saddening, but you have to prepare that things don’t always go the way you’d hope. Tomorrow is a new day, Ian and Steve remain confident that their moose is out there.

On Episode 9 of Self-Guided Hunting in Alaska.

Ian Harford and Steve Wild are determined to take on the tough Alaskan terrain once again in search of their Alaskan bull moose. Will they be successful?

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