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Team Wild TV’s Ian Harford takes you through his wild boar hunting gear while on a hunt in the beautiful Baden-Württemberg area of Southwest Germany.

Sauer 404 Synchro XTC rifle

Sauer 404 XTC

Ian’s rifle for this wild boar hunt has also accompanied him on his recent Alaska hunting adventure where he spend two weeks in the wilderness successfully hunting caribou and moose. More recently, Ian has put his skills and hunting gear to the test at a shooting cinema in Ulm, Germany.

With plenty of experience using the Sauer 404 Synchro XTC in .308 Winchester he’s supremely confident of its capabilities. The modular design means you can take the rifle apart in moments and comes with a discreet carbon carry case, which makes it perfect for taking through airports.

The ammunition Ian has chosen is 150 grain Hornady interlocks. Although this is a lighter calibre for driven hunting, is it perfectly suitable for the taking down giant wild boar.

Hawke Endurance Rifle Scope

Hawke Endurance rifle scope

On top of the Sauer 404 XTC, Ian has attached the Hawke Endurance Wide Angle 30 1-4×24 IR rifle scope. This has the tactical reticle, which is ideal for bringing down your focus into the centre of the reticle.

On the end of the barrel on the Sauer 404 XTC, Ian has fitted a muzzle break. Ian isn’t normally a huge fan of muzzle breaks when out hunting, nut when hunting wild boar using a .308 calibre rifle it practically eliminates any muzzle flip.

wild boar hunting from a highseat

This is a perfect wild boar hunting combination, especially when traveling thanks to the accessibility and removability of the set-up. All Ian needs now is a few pigs to try it out.

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