Fallow Deer Hunting

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On this episode, Steve Wild is Fallow deer hunting in Staffordshire, UK.

Previously on Team Wild TV we have followed Frederic Hanner fallow deer stalking in the New Forest.

Effective deer management is about getting the balance right between establishing a strong and healthy herd of deer, whilst protecting the forestry and farming interests of the landowner. Effective deer management produces bigger deer and happy landowners!

On this episode of Team Wild TV, Steve Wild heads into the Staffordshire countryside to manage the fallow buck population on his local concession.

Steve Wild’s Deer Stalking Equipment

Equipped with his familiar Blaser R8 Professional Success rifle, loaded with Hornady 150 grain SST’s and topped with a Hawke Frontier 30 5-30×50 rifle scope, Steve is confident he can locate and stalk into a herd of fallow buck that populates the grounds.

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